Remote Control

Egodom3 allows remote interaction via smartphones, Apple, Android, Windows Phone and, why not, PlayStation, Smart TV, iPad, PC Apple, Windows or Linux, offering you the security and control on your house you have always dreamed of.

All you need is a Standard Browser like, Safari, Chrome, IE, FireFox and every other kind of.

You never need to installa APPS, program it, or again, update it. You need only to connect directly to your house, to have the last versione of your Web App, with the latest setup you mede in; never miss your last scenario.

All functions of your Home automation system can be controlled through simple interfaces, only by those who have the access codes.

The interaction is immediate and offers all the features of the central panel.

No surprises when you return home, because in the event of intrusion, smoke, gas or water leaks, the system will be activated immediately and will send a message directly to your phone.

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